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Grand National Roadster Show 2018 Vehicle Entry Form


Sacramento Autorama 2018 Vehicle Entry Form


Please Read Below Before Filling Out Entry Form

The following contains entry information for the Longest Running Indoor Car Shows in the World!

Drive-In Entry Information





Please Read Below Before Filling Out Entry Form

The following contains entry information for the Longest Running Indoor Car Shows in the World!

Judging Information

Your vehicle will be judged by a team of professionals using a point system based on detail, quality, condition, safety and originality. Be sure to make the vehicle accessible at all times so the judges can judge your vehicle. If a vehicle is on a turntable, be sure the judges know where the switch is. They will need to turn the switch off to judge the vehicle. If you want the engine to be judged, be sure to have the hood raised enough for the judges to see it. The same goes for the undercarriage, interior and trunk. If the judge cannot see it, they cannot evaluate that segment of the vehicle.

A Judges Information Book is a build book or a photo album with pictures and a detailed description of the work in progress. This book is a very useful tool for reviewing your vehicle. It is important to list all of your vehicles modifications, especially those that are not easily visible. Please place this book or a fact sheet in your display where the judges can review it during the duration of the show. See item #15 in the Rules and Regulations section.

If you do not have stanchions and ropes, Rod Shows staff will gladly supply and set them up for you at no charge. Carpet for your vehicle can be rented in advance on the entry application. If you would like to compete for our Individual or Group/Club Display Awards a nice display will be necessary. A well-designed display can add protection for your vehicle. Remember that a standard display area for a vehicle is 10’x20’. If your display warrants a larger area, you must designate this on the application for pre-approval from the Show Manager. A standard motorcycle display area is 10’x10’. The use of a sign can be very useful in explaining to the spectators what has been done to the vehicle and listing persons and sponsors involved in the project.

It is mandatory that your show card be on display at all times during the show and on set-up day. Your show card must also be available for the judges to write your vehicle classification name and number on. The deadline for getting your card out in front of your vehicle is 1 hour before the show opens on Friday (this is at 11:00 A.M.). If the card is not visible at that time you will be placed in a NON-COMPETITION status without a refund of the entry fees. The only time that your show card is not in your display is when you bring it to the trophy presentation on Sunday night. Please bring your show card with you to the main stage for identification purposes.

Participant General Questions

Q: I sent in my application but have not heard anything back. 
A: We accept entries up to the date of the show if it is not sold out.  You will receive a phone call or letter after the entry deadlines.  If you have not received a phone call and your check has not been cashed or card charged, you may want to call the office to make sure your application has arrived.

Q: Is the oil pan necessary? Do I need to purchase one if I don’t have one?
A: The oil pan is for each entrants benefit if the car should leak during the show.  Any stains/leaks or damage to floor or carpet is the participants responsibility after the show.  If the car is on mirrors or lifted to showcase the under carriage, a pan is not necessary as long as the car doesn’t leak.

Q: Can I get to my trailer during the show?
A:  Yes, the trailer parking lot is fenced off and accessible during the show at Lot 26.   After the show is over on Sunday, an announcement is made when the trailer parking is opened up so the driver can start staging for move out.

Q:  Do I need to be present at the awards ceremony?
A: Yes. All awards and monies awarded must be picked up by 10:00pm Sunday night.   If you do not show up at the ceremony or the office afterwards, you forfeit your cash award if you are the winner.  Remember to bring your show card with you to the award ceremony Sunday night.

Q: I had my picture taken with the trophy girls, how can I get a copy of it?
A: Disks are available on a DVD format for you to view on computer or TV or get printed at your local printer. Please download the order form here: Merchandise Order Form. Please indicate show and show year and we will be happy to send you a copy once we have received payment. Cost: $30

If you have any other questions or need more information, contact our office at:


Rod Shows
12223 Highland Ave #550
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91739
Telephone/Fax: 1-877-ROD-SHOWS (1-877-763-7469)

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